The IHG® Rewards Club is the world's first hotel loyalty program that caters to members by offering more ways to redeem points at the 4,900 IHG hotel locations worldwide. Join now to start earning Elite status perks.

You are guaranteed for the lowest rate if you book directly with Marriott. Otherwise Marriott will give you extra 25% discount. Here is how it works.

You can redeem Marriott Rewards Points not only for free hotel stays, free room upgrade, free airline miles, but also for gift cards, travel, and shopping.

As a Marriott Rewards Program member, you can earn either points or airline miles from hotel stays and credit card purchases and you can also convert points into miles. Which way should you choose to maximize your earnings?

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), like most major hotel groups with rewards programs, has rules about how points may be accrued and spent, and when. Though you may be waiting for the right time to purchase with your points—or for the best possible purchase—those points can be lost if your account ...

The Ritz-Carlton Rewards program is in most aspects the same thing as Marriott Rewards, but with a different name and branding. Marriott Rewards can earn and spend points at Ritz-Carlton hotel properties, and Marriott elite members receive the same treatment at Ritz-Carlton hotels as Ritz-Carlton elite members of the ...

Marriott Rewards has a 24-month period during which members must be active in using points. If you do not take care and keep up with your points, and know the rules regarding expiration, you could end up with an unfortunate surprise the next time you decide to use your points.

If you like travel and would like to stay with Marriott, now is the best time to join the membership for free and start to earn points and free nights.

IHG members can accumulate points through hotel stays, rewards partners, and credit card purchases. Learn how to earn IHG rewards points and airline miles.

The InterContinental Ambassador Hotel Loyalty Program offers a full range of first-class services and exclusive benefits to enhance your hotel stay. Becoming an IC member gives you automatic Elite status in IHG® Rewards Club.