The IHG® Rewards Club is the world's first hotel loyalty program that caters to members by offering more ways to redeem points at the 4,900 IHG hotel locations worldwide. Join now to start earning Elite status perks.

InterContinental Hotels Group (IHG), like most major hotel groups with rewards programs, has rules about how points may be accrued and spent, and when. Though you may be waiting for the right time to purchase with your points—or for the best possible purchase—those points can be lost if your account ...

IHG members can accumulate points through hotel stays, rewards partners, and credit card purchases. Learn how to earn IHG rewards points and airline miles.

The InterContinental Ambassador Hotel Loyalty Program offers a full range of first-class services and exclusive benefits to enhance your hotel stay. Becoming an IC member gives you automatic Elite status in IHG® Rewards Club.

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The IHG Rewards Program makes earning rewards easier by offering many different ways to earn points.

IHG hotels make WiFi freely available to all loyalty program members. There are no special registrations or fees. Just check-in, and then log in.

InterContinental is one of the largest hotel companies worldwide for business and family leisure travelers. Read the overview to know the IHG brands.