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Marcus by Goldman Sachs is a business unit in Goldman Sachs Bank USA. It offers My GM Rewards Card, which is for everyone who loves unlimited rewards, GM vehicles and other perks.

Green Dot is the world’s largest prepaid debit card company by market capitalization. It is an issuer of prepaid MasterCard and Visa cards that are available at nearly 100,000 retail stores, including CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Dollar Tree; as well as discounted offerings at Meijer and Walmart.

Established in 1935, Pentagon Federal Credit Union (PenFed) is America’s second-largest federal credit union, serving over 2 million members worldwide with over $26 billion in assets. PenFed Credit Union offers market-leading credit cards that let you enjoy cash back, travel rewards, or 0% APR. In addition, it offers certificates, checking, ...

First Electronic Bank is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah and is an FDIC-insured, state-chartered industrial bank that offers closed-end and revolving private-label bank card financing programs through strategic partners.

Sutton Bank is a privately held community bank with over 140 years of history headquartered in Attica, Ohio. Sutton Bank has consistently been named one of the top small business and agricultural lenders in the State of Ohio. It operates eight full-service branch offices. Sutton Bank offers Upgrade Card with a personal credit line of up to $50,000. The Upgrade Card has no annual fees. You can use it wherever Visa is accepted.

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Store credit cards are offered by retailers and they can only be used for purchases at a single store or group of stores. Unlike open-loop credit cards, or co-branded cards, which can be used anywhere within a card's network, such as Visa or Mastercard, store credit cards are known as closed-loop cards. Store credit cards may save you money because they usually offer enticing discounts on either in-store or online purchases. Some store cards offer loyalty rewards, including cash back or points with the retailer to use towards future purchases. Store credit cards are usually easy to qualify for. If your credit is not perfect, you may get approved for a store credit card and build credit by making payments responsibly.

Horizon Card Services offers cards that give you credit line to be used at They can help you rebuild credit.

Founded in 1997, Merrick Bank is FDIC insured and recognized as a top-20 issuer of VISA cards. In total, it serves nearly 3 million cardholders. It offers credit cards to help consumers with poor credit to build credit history and to receive FICO credit scores for free.

If you have trouble getting approved for loans or credit cards, you need to start with a credit card for people with bad or limited credit to build credit and grow your credit scores. Some of the cards are secured credit cards for subprime users. Some of the cards are unsecured cards for people with limited or average credit ratings.

Founded in 2001 and headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah, Celtic Bank is a privately owned industrial bank chartered by the State of Utah. Celtic Bank has ranked as one of the top ten SBA lenders nationally since 2013. Celtic Bank has a proven track record in a range of industries. Celtic Bank offers a number of credit cards for consumers to earn cash back or build credit history.