Give yourself a head start on your personal finance by opening a Platinum Savings account at CIT Bank. You can then leave your money in the account to quietly accrue earnings with one of the nation’s leading annual yields. It will be a smart investment choice you make to steadily grow your wealth.

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Axos Bank is a technology-driven financial services company providing a diverse range of innovative banking products and services for personal, business, and institutional clients nationwide. Axos Bank brings together human insight and digital expertise to anticipate and meet customers' needs. With a broad and ever-growing range of financial products and services, including checking, savings, CDs, money market, lending, and retirement, Axos specializes in convenience and customization.

CIT Bank is a U.S.-based bank with over 100 years of history. CIT Bank offers industry-leading interest rates for savings accounts. It was a public traded company listed on the New York Stock Exchange before it merged with First Citizens Bank in 2022. CIT Bank's parent company, First Citizens BancShares Inc, is a top 20 U.S. financial institution with more than $100 billion in assets. CIT Bank provides online banking for all customers. New customers in any part of the United States can open and then manage their CIT Bank savings accounts online. Deposits and withdrawals can be managed via inter-bank electronic transfers, checks, or wire transfers. CIT Bank provides FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) insurance on all bank accounts, which gives you insurance coverage to keep you free of any financial loss of up to 250,000 U.S. dollars.

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How to grow your savings in the era of low interest? To build your wealth, you should consider CIT Bank's high-interest banking offerings such as 4.50% APY Savings Connect accounts.

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Save money with the savings and checking offers of 1.55% on high yield savings accounts and $300 bonus. All bank accounts are FDIC insured.