Credit Card Number Validator

Use this tool to validate credit card numbers.

Credit Card Number
  • Visa
  • Mastercard
  • American Express
  • Discover

How many digits in a Credit Card Number?
  • Visa and Visa Electron: 13 or 16
  • Mastercard: 16
  • Discover: 16
  • American Express: 15
  • Maestro: 12 to 19 (multi-national Debit Card)
Example credit card numbers
Credit Card TypeCredit Card Number
American Express371449635398431
Disclaimer: Is it safe to use this online credit-card validation tool?

Yes, this service is safe to use. We won't access any of the data you input, including the credit card number you are providing. All the computations are performed in your browser, with no data being sent to our server, no cookies being set, and no local storage being used. The credit card number that you are entering remains safely with you.