United℠ Explorer Business Card

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Chase Bank
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Business, Travel, Bonus
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Bonus Rewards
You will receive up to 100,000 bonus miles after qualified spending. You will qualify for 50,000 bonus miles if you make $5,000 in purchases within 3 months of account opening. You will qualify for 50,000 bonus miles if you make a total of $25,000 in purchases within 6 months of account opening (for a possible total of 100,000 bonus miles). After qualifying, please allow 6 to 8 weeks for bonus miles to post to your United Explorer Business Card account.
The bonus is not available to current cardmembers of this business credit card, or previous cardmembers of this business credit card who received a new cardmember bonus within the last 24 months. To be eligible for this bonus offer, your card account must be open and not in default at the time of fulfillment.
In addition to the 100,000 bonus miles, you will receive 10,000 bonus miles each calendar year during which you make at least $25,000 in purchases with your card.
Rewards on Purchases
You will earn miles when you, or an authorized user, use a United credit card to make purchases of products and services. You will earn 2 miles total for each dollar spent on airline tickets purchased from United, and on the following purchases made from United: seat upgrades; Economy Plus; inflight food, beverages and Wi-Fi; baggage service charges or other United fees. You will also earn 2 miles for each dollar spent on Inside Access from Chase purchases and in the following rewards categories: restaurants; gas stations; office supply stores. For all other purchases, you will earn 1 mile for each dollar spent.
This credit card has an annual fee of $95. It has no foreign transaction fees. It is a friendly feature for international travelers who may use the credit card abroad. Most credit cards typically charge a transaction fee 3% on your purchases in foreign countries. If you may travel abroad, it is always a good idea to carry a credit card such as United℠ Explorer Business Card so that you can avoid the 3% surcharge on your purchases.
Required Credit Rating
United℠ Explorer Business Card is for people with excellent credit scores. If you have a FICO score of 740 or more, you may qualify for the credit card.

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