CIT Bank 2.45% Savings Account Offer

CIT银行的Savings Builder提供年利息高达2.45%的活期储蓄。这是目前全美利息最高的活期存款,开户的最低要求是100美元。维护2.45%利息需要每个月存至少100美金,或账户保持$25,000以上的存款。这个储蓄最适合上班族,因为大多数上班族都可以让公司自动把每月的工资用Direct Deposit存入自己的储蓄账户,只要把Direct Deposit设置成存入CIT帐户, 就能自动保证获得2.45%的利息。如果您目前的存款超过$25,000,还只是拿着低利息,您也可以把现有存款转入CIT银行,获得2.45%的利息。

  • With a CIT Bank Savings Builder Account, you can earn a competitive interest rate and access your money easily.
  • Open an account with $25,000 or more and earn 2.20% APY on your money - one of the top savings rates in the nation.
  • If you don't have $25,000 in your account, you can still earn 2.20% APY by making at least one single deposit of $100 every month. Start with $100 per month and build your habit of savings - all while getting a top rate.
  • It's an ideal online account for saving towards a new experience or a large purchase.
  • Grow your savings faster than at your everyday bank for your first or next dream home.


CIT银行的全称是商业投资信托(Commercial Investment Trust)银行,总部在纽约市,一直都是Fortune杂志的美国1000家最大的公司之一,2018年名列第658名,也是美国最大的银行之一。这家银行成立于1908年。CIT银行拥有500亿美金的资产公司和300亿美金的存款总额。CIT银行是在纽约证交所上市的公司,股票代码是CIT,市值约为50亿美金。



如果您不能做到每个月存入100美金或维持$25,000的存款,您可以考虑CIT银行的普通活期或CIT No Penalty定期的存款帐户。CIT银行的普通活期有1.85%的年利息。CIT银行的No Penalty定期,存期是11个月,但是只要你存满7天之后,就可以任意取款不用缴付罚金,并且一直享有2.05%的年利息.

  • Open a Premier High Yield Savings account and get a 1.85% APY (on balances up to $250k).
  • $100 Minimum Opening Deposit
  • No Fees to Open or Maintain
  • Daily Compounding Interest
  • 24/7 Secure Online Banking
  • US-based Customer Service
  • FDIC Insured

  • Open a No-Penalty 11-Month CD account and get 2.05% APY* with $1,000 minimum deposit.
  • Lock in a great rate for 11 months. If you need your funds prior to the maturity date, you can withdraw your money - including any interest earned - beginning seven days after the funds have been received.* No penalty. No problem.
  • No opening or maintenance fees
  • CIT Bank CDs provide a safe, secure way to grow your savings.
  • The CIT Bank No-Penalty CD gives you get the security of an 11 month CD with no withdrawal penalty seven days or later after funds have been received. Open an account today!

  • Open a CD account and get up to a 2.40% APY*
  • Competitive rates
  • Terms up to 5 years
  • Low minimum opening deposit
  • Daily compounding interest
  • No monthly maintenance fees
  • FDIC insured

  • You could earn 2.00% APY
  • Apply with only $25 opening deposit. $10,000 minimum balance to earn 2.00% APY
  • Interest compounds and is credited monthly
  • Easily withdraw money in branch and via BBVA ATMs with no ATM fees
  • Link to your BBVA checking account for Overdraft Protection

  • Apply with only $25 opening deposit
  • No monthly Service Charge
  • Complimentary Online Banking and Mobile Banking, plus Mobile Deposit® and Bill Pay
  • No ATM fees nationwide at more than 64,000 AllPoint®, participating 7-Eleven® and BBVA USA ATMs
  • BBVA USA is a Member FDIC and an Equal Housing Lender
  • BBVA is a leading U.S. banking franchise, which ranks among the top 25 largest U.S. commercial banks based on deposit market share.